Twine Kit Tutorial

Learn more about the Twine game engine and make a game using it by joining this tutorial and downloading the Twine kit.

Twine is a free and open-source tool created  for making interactive fiction in the form of web pages. It is available on Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux.

A very popular game engine, Twine has been used to make tens of thousands of text-based, narrative games.

Your Twine mentors

Maz Hemming

Twine Kit Designer

Di McDonald

Twine Kit Designer

Maz has lived for over a decade in Brixton, where they spend time creating. Whether this is creating illustations and comics, crafting various things and tutorials on how to make them, or forcing Twine to perform in ways it’s not intended to perform. They have worked with Furtherfield, the Goethe Institute and Coney.

Di is currently studying for her BA(hons) in Computer Games. She is striving to be a writer and narrative designer in the games industry and is looking to Twine to work on game ideas. She has interned for Sketchbook Games as a QA tester/Audio creator.

Twine Kit Workshop

In this Twine engine tutorial, Maz and Di go through the basics of using Twine. They show the Twine kit they have prepared. Soon, you will be able to tell your own story using Twine. There is no requirement to know programming, as Twine is a logic-based engine. Furthermore, the Twine kit will show you how to add choices and images to help you improve your narrative skills. 

Games made with Twine

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