MakeCode Arcade Kit Tutorial

Learn more about the Microsoft MakeCode Arcade game engine and make a game using it by joining this tutorial and downloading the MakeCode Arcade kit.

MakeCode Arcade is a mobile-friendly game engine developed by Microsoft. Through it, you can quickly creating and mod retro arcade games with Blocks and JavaScript.

Furthermore, you can make games on smartphones and any web browser. 

Your MakeCode Arcade mentor

Chris Filip - MakeCode Arcade Kit Tutorial Mentor

Chris Filip

MakeCode Arcade Kit Designer

Chris Filip is Game Anglia’s co-director and co-founder. He comes from a background of game design and game education. 

Recently, he has been working with the Tentacle Zone at Payload Studios. There, he organises events for the community of game developers who reside in the Tentacle Zone. 

He is passionate about giving everyone the chance to make games and get in the games industry.

MakeCode Arcade Kit Workshop

In this MakeCode Arcade engine tutorial, Chris Filip will go through the basics of MakeCode Arcade. He will show you how to set up your first project and make a smartphone-friendly game. 

No previous coding knowledge required. Soon thereafter, Chris will show you how to use the kit in this tutorial and make your own narrative adventure in MakeCode Arcade.

Games made with MakeCode Arcade

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