Ink Engine Kit & Tutorial

Learn more about the ink game engine and make a game using it by joining this tutorial and downloading the ink kit.

ink is a powerful narrative scripting language that is primarily designed for professional game development. It can also be used to write and share choice-based interactive fiction. It is also surprisingly easy to learn.

ink is developed by Cambridge-based studio inkle, and has been used in games since 2011.

Your Ink mentor

Tom Kail - Ink Game Engine Kit and Tutorial Mentor

Tom Kail

Ink Kit Designer

Tom was inkle’s first employee. His charasmatic passion for game design immediately struck a chord with Jon and Joe. It was his encyclopaedic knowledge of Unity’s systems that sealed the deal. A prolific prototyper, he loves to experiment with gameplay and concoct new ways to play.

He went to University to study media. However, he immensely disappointed his parents by coming out as a programmer. Nowadays he only acts, looks and thinks like a student. He lives in a flat full of unwashed clothes and video games with his girlfriend.

Ink Kit Workshop

In this Ink engine tutorial, Tom Kail will go through the basics of Ink. He will show you a few examples of games and situations you can make using Ink. The tutorial will also dive into the basics of the coding knowledge you will need to have to use the Ink kit, and show you how to use the kit to tell your own story. 

Games made with Ink

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