Charisma AI Kit Tutorial image

Learn more about the Charisma AI game engine and make a game using it by joining this tutorial and downloading the kit.

The Charisma app transforms graphic novels into interactive stories. Let your character’s personalities shine through and have their current emotions influence their reactions. Play with love, hate, and everything between to make key moments memorable and replayable.

Charisma is developed by UK-based company To Play For Ltd. 

Your Charisma AI mentor

Rianna Dearden

Charisma AI Kit Designer

Rianna is the Writing Lead at where she leads the story of all in-house interactive stories and games powered by AI. She has written a number of interactive graphic novels such as Sherlock Holmes and the Vampires of London, Centaurus and a series of interactive mini games called SHORTS.

Furthermore, she is also Artistic Director of Theatre Company, Lost Watch, and has worked across the theatre industry as a performer, writer, producer, narrative designer and voiceover actor. 

Charisma AI Kit Workshop

In this Charisma AI engine tutorial, Rianna Dearden will show you how to use Charisma AI. First, Rianna will go through the steps of setting up the Charisma AI kit to tell your own story. Then, she will show you how to set yourself up to use Charisma. In this case, there is no coding knowledge required, since Charisma AI is a browser-based game editor. Watch the workshop below or on YouTube. 

Games made with Charisma AI

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